Top Rated Mountain Bikes User Reviews – That You Must Look At

The trend of mountain biking has boomed in the recent past and hence manufacturers of mountain bikes have come forth with specialized design bikes so as to appeal the nuanced and broad marketplace. There are many make and models to choose from today and selecting the first mountain bikes or upgrading to the sophisticated model can be both inundating and challenging task for many. From essential stand over specs to cornering abilities, there are many such factors that worth considering. Some of the downhill juggernauts would prefer having the advanced suspension and braking system, while casual or novice bikers would look for solid budget options to enjoy their weekend outings. That said, here is the list of top rated honest user reviews & ratings of mountain bikes on wow consumers for your assistance.

Santa Cruz High-Tower Carbon 29 T Complete

The mountain biking industry is heading towards designing bikes with bigger wheels and Santa Cruz High Tower fits well into this category. It comes with huge 29-inches of wheels that are perfectly complemented by its carbon metal rims to offer you exceptional precision. Its 140-mm of front travel easily and quickly takes the rider down to the trail. This is the solid choice for beginner bikers and advanced bikers alike because of its exceptional combination of handling, controlling and speed. To enjoy a ride on burly trails like a breeze you may choose Santa Cruz High Tower and it allows you to travel across all terrains with ease. According to Best Mountain Bikes Reviews, it remains alive at a slower speed and hence making it the best mountain bikes for beginners too. Advanced bikers can enjoy its efficient climbing features and abilities to tolerate backcountry abuse.

Specialized Fuse Comp 6Fattie

Hardtail versus full suspension is the ongoing debate in the mountain biking industry. You can’t even have the comprehensive list of cross-spectrum preferences, but Specialized Fuse Comp 6Fattie is all time hardtails favorite of advanced bikers. Its relaxed geometry signifies that all the parts speed and efficiency are equal on descents and climbs. It features a wide 27.5+ ties which eliminate the need of rear suspension as it can tackle obstacles with ease. Moreover, it comes with SRAM 11-speed NX drivetrain which is there to enhance the overall performance and caliber of the bike and it is complemented with the lightweight aluminum frame. Its short chain-stays ensure precision handling and climbing on all terrains.

KONA Process 153 AL/DL

Process 153 AL/DL is the wing of KONA’s brand new Process G2 lineup and it uses the patented bearer independent suspension which is the design has been hailed as one of the best full suspension mountain bikes in 2018. According to the Best Mountain Bikes Reviews, it uses actuated shock with the top tube that makes use of single pivot design for exceptional durability and absorption. The minimal motion is guaranteed because of its wider pivots and oversized bearings which can hold against the expected bowing, thereby adding the huge amount of durability. It is perfect for both climbing on terrains and also for cross country rides.