clayton rigWest Monroe born and raised Clayton Maza. has been entertaing crowds since the tender age of 15.Fronting his own band CLAYTON and The Young Guns he saw the stage opening for artists like EXILE and Robert Earl Keen. In 1999 Clayton joined forces with Dave Lowery and Phillip Welch to form the first incarnation of HANDS ON and thus far releasing 4 full length albums of original music(No Compromise 2000,Mt.Funkmore 2002,Thing For Me 2008 and Epic IV 2009).

Along the way Clayton has had the pleasure to have his music in a few idependent films(In Purgatory from NOLA WORLD ENTERTAIMENT and New Hope from R2 Productions).Clayton also works very steadily in his studio MAZA RECORDING STUDIOS helping produce numerous artist devlop and complete there album projects.During those sessions he will play most insturments including his signature guitar work.While in the studio he provides post production which allows him to mix and master bands or artist that have recorded at other locations.Clayton’s audio work was featured in MISS AMERCIA 2012 wher he provided the audio editing and re-sequincing of the track  Ms.Louisiana 2012 Hope Anderson preformed to.

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Kenny McCallum
Bass guitar and vocals

PHILLIP “FLIP DADDY” WELCH – Phillip first picked up a pair of drum sticks at 7 years of age. Completely self-taught, he watched his fellow drummers, instructional videos, and “live” performances of other drummers to give his chops the “Flip Daddy” touch! He learned to play a pretty mean shuffle from the Cajun Shuffle King Billy J. Morris.! Phillip’s band credits include the Mike McKenzie Band; Clayton Maza; Young Guns; Hands On; Doug Duffy; Nighthawk; Kats Under Cover; Toby Trayler and Green Eyed Soul ,Stone Cold Country and numerous others that this space does not have the room for! He is also a very sought after recording session musician with a very lengthy discography…thus, the name “The Session Master”. Born and raised in the West Monroe area, he still calls it home!
Phillip proudly plays Riolo Custom Maple Drums ,Vic Firth Drumsticks, KickPort Bass Drum Enhancers, Stagg Cases and PDP Accessories.

Phillip Welch is an Impression Cymbals Artist 2015! Using them on his live show as well as all session work. Looking forward to working with Impression Cymbals for many years to come.