How to Use Jungle Scout to Find High Margin Products

As taught earlier, most people who use the Jungle Scout in finding which products to sell, they always use the web app in searching through the Amazon database on various criteria. The Web App is best known to be a time saver, unlike when you are searching manually on Amazon and the most used feature like we have seen are, the product database and the product tracker.

Also, while finding the best product that sells well on Amazon, do not forget about the Chrome Extension as it allows you to get the required data and information regarding a certain product. It is also important as it helps you find competitive products in the market. The good thing with Chrome Extension is that it is a one time cost and then if you need it in future you can still review it.

Go to the storefront of that seller. Most likely he has more items in the category you want to sell it. Run Jungle Scout and scan through that seller items until you find one that sells a lot with low reviews. Go to another tab and search that item on Amazon. Once again, run Jungle Scout on the results.

If Jungle Scout result looks good, then do the “999 tricks” on all the listings on the first page and repeat several days to confirm Jungle Scout results. Meanwhile, check out all the listings and read reviews on the first couple of pages for any weak spots you can improve.

Users who gave Jungle Scout a positive review said that it is a simple yet great tool for conducting product research on Amazon. Others mentioned that it helps them gain insights from sales data, find new items and opportunities, and track products with ease.

One user who left a positive review of Jungle Scout on G2 Crowd stated that it is a useful tool for identifying profitable products and new opportunities. He added that it helps his company determine competitor items and other products that have high and low profit margins.

Overall, Jungle Scout is generally the gold standard that other Amazon research tools are compared to. Get Started with best amazon tool jungle scout offering discount Right Here! If you’re looking for an alternative, I’d point you toward Helium10 which we’ve also used and found to be very useful. That said, Jungle Scout is a very helpful and capable tool for evaluating the competition and their product tracker is super useful for seeing how products perform over time.

A mistake many sellers make is looking at a snapshot of sales during a peak season, then sinking a lot of money into a product that isn’t going to sell well for the majority of the year. If you stay patient and use a tool like Jungle Scout – you can save yourself a lot of headaches and money.