Clayton’s Rig

Amp –  Fender Bassbreaker 15wt amp with Fender Bassbreaker 1×12 Cabinet 70wt

Guitars -Electric G&L(ASAT Z3) , 2012 Fender American Special Strat ,Fender 72 Tele Reissue,Gibson Les Paul Classic and Gibson Les Paul Double Cut


Pedals – Boss CS3,TU3,DD3,TR2  Fulltone OCD  Vox Big bad Wah

Mic-Shure beta 58(vocal)Sennheiser e609(guitar)

Ear Monitor – Audio Technica M2 With Shure Ears 215

Dave’s Rig 2016!

(3) EB Stingray 5’s – Strings EB .45-1.05

Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 Head – (2) Aguilar SL-112 Cabnets

Levi Straps – Ultimate Stands – Live Wire Cables

Phillip’s Rig

Phillip proudly plays Riolo Custom Maple Drums, Impression Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, KickPort Bass Drum Enhancers, Stagg Cases and PDP Accessories.

Ear Monitor – Hardwired Mix  With Shure Ears 215

New for 2016!  Porter and Davies -Drum monitoring System.