Best Kodi Addons 2019 – Stream Free Movies, TV Shows

So you’ve successfully installed Kodi on your PC/Amazon Fire TV Stick/Android or any other device. (If not done yet, see how to install Kodi on FireStick). But only installing Kodi on your device won’t do the trick. To exploit Kodi to the fullest and reap its full benefits, you’ll need Kodi Addons. That’s why I have made this list of best Kodi Addons 2019. These Addons complement Kodi by helping users access tons of streaming services, TV channels, Music & Radio Stations, etc.

Thousands of Addons for Kodi are currently available over the internet. However, many third-party Kodi Addons have been taken down by the authorities and even many Kodi repositories are no longer working. Hence, it has become a very tedious job to select the Tons of KODI Addons from Grant J. Kidney for your PC / Fire TV Stick or other Kodi boxes.

Best Kodi Addons 2019

Choosing Kodi addons may seem overwhelming considering the vast number of addons that are available out there and even difficult is finding a completely functional addon. Kodi addons are not always completely stable and run the risk of being taken down if they face any legal issues. This happened with popular addons like Neptune Rising, Placenta and Uranus, etc. Unfortunately, These add-ons have been officially shut down, but the good news is there are several functioning addons available in almost every category possible.

With the plethora of add-ons available in the market, finding a fully functional and satisfactory addon is quite a task. But to make it easier for you, we have shortlisted the best-functioning Kodi addons for 2019.

Suggested to use Best Kodi VPN while Streaming in 2019 that will protect your privacy and security without slowing down speeds and spoiling your streaming experience. We’ll run through which VPNs have apps for which devices so you can be sure to find a good fit for your preferred device.

The Magic Dragon

Next, we have an addon named The Magic Dragon. If you keep on reading this article, you’ll encounter a well-known addon called The Dogs Bollocks, which is a powerful all-in-one addon providing various types of content. However, our readers have notified us that there are periods when this addon is offline. Therefore, we wanted to find an alternative.

The Magic Dragon brings a whole range of content that begins with movies and TV shows, but also stretches to sports and even radio channels. It relies on a number of third-party sources, which means that you’ll always find a working link. A huge library awaits, with numerous HD video files. If you’d like to learn more about The Magic Dragon, please click on the provided link.

Exodus Redux

As you can imagine, this is a fork of Exodus – one of the best Kodi addons of all time. However, Exodus Redux isn’t just a clone. This addon is an entirely different beast under the hood, and we highly recommend you to try it out.

In terms of its appearance, Exodus Redux looks almost exactly like the original Exodus. You can use it to watch movies and TV shows, browse numerous genres, languages, and everything else in between. However, this addon relies on the all-new Lambda scraper that searches the Web for high-quality sources. It’s quite fast and always comes up with 720p and 1080p links.


Gaia Kodi is one of the top Kodi addons that fetches quality video content i.e. Movies and TV Shows from multiple sources. It has introduced its latest version 4 and works with services such as Real Debrid and It is now fully functional and streams content in one click.

Scrubs V2

Looking at the interface of Scrubs V2, it might look like a Kodi addon for Movies. But there’s a catch, it’s an All-In-One addon with everything. At the front menu, you may see sections like Movies, TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, IMDB List, TMDB List, and more. There’s one more section called More Stuff that streams Live IPTV channels. That’s the difference.

MTB’s Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning has amazing Movies and TV Shows collections from all streaming services such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc. There’s a section called ‘Movies Collection’ that will also stream 50’s to 90’s Movies. If you witness slow streaming, then within its menu there is an option ‘Greased Lightning: Clear All Cache’ that will solve any poor streaming issues.

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