2014 What a year!

2014 What A Year! 100 shows,3 States,15 Cities,13 festivals,20 private Events and 15 different music venues..We also opened shows for Deana Carter(Strawberry Wine),Cole Vosbury(The Voice)and even backed up Johnny Cash(well sorta). This was also the year of original music.We have recorded and are still in the process of making a new record of a dozen songs or more..And played some of those live throughout the year..

Deep breath…yeah It makes us tired just seeing where we have been…2015 dates are rolling in and we are not slowing down.We do hope 2015 is the year we really stretch out and play all these new tunes we have written all over the region.

All that being said we could not have done it without you..So to all the venues,folks that got married,had birthdays,people who retired,companies that had parties,cities that had festivals and people that just wanted to have us over and celebrate this beautiful thing called life–WE THANK YOU!

To all the faithful that came to see us over the course of this year..Thanks so much..Like we always say we don’t have fans we have family and you guys and gals are it!!

To the extended Hand On! family…Tony,Craig,Hallie,Hank,Chris,Debbie,Jay,Suzanne,Debbie And Mark..It was a honor and blast sharing the stage with you guys and gals..Lets do it some more

Bring on 2015. Its been 16 years but we are still totally inspired and ready to bring a fresh show into the new year..

Peace and love
Clayton,Dave and Flip
Hands On!  2015

Now here is something free and cool the final version of DAYS LIKE THIS!! hope you enjoy..its got some new stuff to tickle your ears!

(Just click on the blue link & start your free download! Enjoy!)

(Free Download! – Hands On! (“Day’s Like This”)

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